Safest Way to Drop Weight and Keep It Off

The Western World is facing a threat and this threat is called obesity. Individuals who are obsess are at an increased risk of developing a host of deadly conditions including heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and a host of other ailments. Aside from the health risk it poses there is also the aesthetic impact it has on our overall self-esteem.  There are products like phenq that can be taken to help an individual lose weight but prior to looking at the various ways we can lose weight it would be smart to understand how we got into this situation.

How the Body Gains Weight

We all know that the more calories we consume the more weight we will gain, that is a no brainer. What people do not realize is that the types of calories we consume will have a material impact on our overall weight.

·    How Carbs Make Us Fat

We have been afraid of eating fat for the last few decades but in reality it is sugar/carbs that have been making us fat! When we consume carbs the body converts these carbohydrates into glucose which our brain and body uses for energy. When glucose enters the blood stream the body releases a hormone called insulin which tells the cells in the body to absorb the excess glucose in the blood stream and convert it into fat. This is a safety mechanism because too much glucose in the blood stream is dangerous for our health. The most a person can have in their blood stream at any moment in time is roughly 2 teaspoons of sugar so anything more than that and we have an insulin response.  Since we consume more than 2 teaspoons worth of sugar in an average meal all of the calories that we consume are turned almost instantly into fat! These carbs also do not have much nutritional value because they are simple carbohydrates so we will feel hungry often.

·    An Ounce of Prevention

Now that we know how carbs impact our waistline it would be prudent to seek out ways to keep our blood glucose levels low. One way is by implementing a Ketogenic diet that restricts the total number of carbs we consume to less than 20g per day. By removing carbs from the equation it gives our body a chance to stop adding more fat to the body. Along with restricting the amount of carbs we are eating it would be prudent to add products like Phenq which can help boost your metabolism so you are burning more calories even when you are sitting still.


By adopting a healthier approach to eating you are going to limit the amount of new fat being added to your body. If you want to maximize your results you will need to start exercising on a regular basis. Exercise will help eliminate the excess fat you have built up over the years. You will need to pace yourself though. It took time to develop the weight problem so it will take time to overcome it.